Seven thousand square miles

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Students’ ages ranged through one and two digits, and their intelligence even more widely. When Miss Waxham called upon Emmons Schlicting, asking, “Where does digestion take place?,” Emmons answered, “In the Erie Canal.” She developed a special interest in George Ehler, whose life at home was troubled.
He is only thirteen, but taller than Sandford, and fair and handsome. I should like to get him away from his family-kidnap him. To think that it was he who tried to kill his father! His face is good as can be.
At lunchtime, over beans, everyone traded the news of the country, news of whatever might have stirred in seven thousand square miles: a buffalo wolf trapped by Old Hanley; missing horses and cattle, brand by brand; the sheepherder most recently lost in a storm. If you went up Skull Gulch, behind the school, and climbed to the high ground beyond, you could see seventy, eighty, a hundred zakelijke energie vergelijken miles. You “could see the faint outlines of Crowheart Butte, against the Wind River Range.” There was a Wyoming-history lesson in the naming of Crowheart Butte, which rises a thousand feet above the surrounding landscape and is capped with flat sandstone. To this day, there are tepee rings on Crowheart Butte. One of the more arresting sights in remote parts of tl1e West are rings of stones that once resisted the wind and now recall what blew away. The Crows liked the hunting country in the area of the butte, and so did the Shoshonis. The two tribes fought, and lost a lot of blood, over this ground. Eventually, the chief of the Shoshonis said, in effect, to the chief of the Crows: this is pointless; I will fight you, one against one; the hunting ground goes to the winner. The chief of the Shoshonis was the great Washakie, whose name rests in six places on the map of Wyoming, including a mountain range and a county. Washakie was at least fifty, but fit. The Crow would have been wise to1 demur. Washakie destroyed him in the hand-to-hand combat, then cut out his heart and ate it. Despite her relative disadvantages as a newcomer, an outlander, and an educ::ational ingenue, Miss Waxham was a quick study. Insight was zakelijke energie her long suit, and in no time she understood Wyoming. For example, an entry in her journal says of George Ehler’s father, “He came to the country with one mare.

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