Snake River

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Constructed around tl1e geyser is something that resembles a stadium, where crowds collect in bleachers and expect Old Faithful to be faithful: “to play,” as hydrologists put itto burst in timely fashion from its fissures, like a cuckoo clock made of water and steam. Frustrated travellers, sometimes clapping their hands in unison, seemed to be calling on the National Park Service to repair the geyser. A scientist confronted with these facts could
only shrug, make observations, and formulate a law: The volume of the complaints varies inversely with the number of miles per zakelijke energie vergelijken gallon attained by the vehicles that bring people to the park. Love, who has made a subspecialty of the medical effects of geology, had other matters on his mind. In public lectures and in meetings with United States senators, he asked what consideration was being given to radioactive water from geothermal wells, which would be released into the Snake River through Henrys Fork and carried a thousand miles downstream. After all, radioactive water was known from Crawfish Creek, Polecat Creek, and Huckleberry Hot Springs, not to mention the Pitchstone Plateau. On the Pitchstone Plateau were colonies of radioactive plants, and radioactive animals that had eaten the plants: gophers, mice, and squirrels with so much radium in them that their bodies could be placed on photographic paper and they would take their own pictures. A senator answered the zakelijke energie question, saying, “No one has brought that up.”
At the Overthrust Belt-glamorized of late for its fresh new yields of regular and unleaded-we moved up in topography, down in time, because the great thrust sheets are older than the rock on which they came to rest. The first high ridge was Cretaceous in age, and we left the interstate to climb it, on an extremely steep doublerutted dirt road that led to a mountain valley-a so-called strike valley, of a type that will form where upturned strata angle into the sky and a section is softer than those that flank it.

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