Soaked and stained

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They dug some out, but many thousands died. Even on the milder days, when the temperature came up near zero, sheep could not penetrate the wind-crusted drifts and get at the grass below. The crust cut into their legs. Their tracks were reddened with blood. Cattle, lacking the brains even to imagine buried grass, ate their own value in cottonseed cake. John Love had to borrow from his bankers in Lander to pay his ranch hands and buy supplies. That spring, a flood such as no one remembered all but destroyed the ranch. The Loves fled into the night, carrying their baby, Allan.
At daylight we returned to the house. Stench, wreckage and debris met us. The flood had gone. Its force had burst open the front door and swept a tub full of rainwater into the dining room. Chairs and other furniture were overturned in deep mud. Mattresses had floated. Doors and drawers were already too much swollen for us to open or shut. The large wardrobe trunk of baby clothes was upset. Everything in it was zakelijke energie vergelijken . Around all the rooms at the height of the tabletops was a water mark, fringed with dirt, on the new wallpaper. Almost immediately, the bankers arrived from Lander. They stayed for several amiable days, looked over the herd tallies, counted surviving animals, checked John Love’s accounts. Then, at dinner one evening, the bank’s vice-president rubbed his hands together and said to his valued customer, his trusted borrower, his first-namebasis longtime friend, “Mr. Love, we need more collateral.” The banker also said that while John Love was a reliable debtor, other ranchers were not, and others’ losses were even greater than Love’s. The bank, to protect its depositors, had to use Love Ranch to cover itself generally. ‘We are obliged to cash in on your sheep,” the man went on. “We will let you keep your cattle-on one condition.” The condition was a mortgage on the ranch. They were asking for an interest in the land of a homesteader who had proved up. John Love shouted, ‘TH have that land when your bones are rotting in the grave!” And he asked the man to step outside, where he could curse him. To the banker’s credit, he got up and went out to be cursed. Buyers came zakelijke energie over the hill as if on cue. All surviving sheep were taken, all surviving cattle, all horses-even dogs. The sheep wagons went, and a large amount of equipment and supplies. John Love paid the men in the bunkhouse, and they left. As his wife watched the finish of this scene, standing silent with Allan in her arms, the banker turned to her kindly and said, “What will you do with the baby?”

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